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Life is but a Dream

Life as Dream and Dream as Life

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November 21st, 2009

Last night, I got all Ladyed-up for a friend's Party. I provoked lots of WTF moments for the Pike Street crowds, but upon reaching the posted address, I found it to be unusually quiet and there was no evidence of a Party in the area at all. So I went back along Broadway to the Installation at the corner of Denny and Broadway. Since I had my camera with me, I took a nice long Video of the laser patterns through the Green Plexi-glass rods. When I find my Photo-Input Device, It'll get Posted.

I'm working on both Chapters 38 and 39 or is it 40? I'm just glad that the Book is moving forward again after having bogged down in my explorations into Nahuatl. I found an easier way of using Wiktionary by putting the English term first with slash Nahuatl. Much easier than going from Nahuatl and trying to find the English for what I'm trying to say. I'll be doing a lot of Urban design of each of the Cities so I can draw-up the Battle Plans.
Gradually, everything is becoming Epic in scope. I never thought that what I was writing would turn Tolkien-esque in all the details of its fashioning. It wants to have Maps, Illustrations and Appendices. I just hope that I'm up to the task of bringing this saga to life.

November 19th, 2009

More on the Book 3

Wow, something has happened to my usual way of Posting. What's up here -- it wants a picture in here, not words?

Hopefully, this will Post anyways. I've been writing on Chapter 39, even though Chapter 38 might turn into 2 Chapters, so I might actually be writing on Chapter 40. It's getting complicated! It has come to my attention that I need another Sex scene in here, between Quetzalcoatl and Oros (the God that is inside of Ash). With the realization that I might have to draw maps of Eldorado and the other Battle Sites, this Book is becoming more and more Tolkienesque all the time. I can think of various appendices that need to go in here as well as some illustrations.

November 18th, 2009

UFOs Over Seattle

My heart is racing as I just witnessed an incredible thing. I just saw a large slow moving Aircraft, at least it had the traditional tail of a conventional Airplane, but it moved it moved very slowly for such a ponderous thing, too slowly and too quietly! The lights were also interesting because they flashed on and off in a complicated pattern that a regular airplane would not exhibit. It did not appear to have wings from my vantage point and also did not have a conventional aerostreamed look about the nose of it, but instead had an antenna-like set-up on the front of it. I ran out of my room after it and I was unable to hear any noise of its passing. The whole passage across my portion of the sky was something around 2 or 3 minutes, rather lengthier than the usual 20 or 30 seconds that a normal Airplane would take to fly past. I rather doubt that it was a plane at all, but a simulacrum of a plane. Something that most people would assume was a plane. If it kind of looks like a plane, then its a plane! If it kind of looks like a helicopter, even though there are no rotors, it's a helicopter!
I have noticed these things for years now. They somewhat resemble conventional technology, but then they inherently are Foreign, Odd. I've seen them in Billings, Montana and I've seen them all over the Jet City but they are not Planes, nor are they Helicopters because all of the things that I have seen have either been entirely silent or extremely muffled. Twice, I have been flown over. The first time I would guess at about 500' and the second at about 1000', neither object made a sound even though their lights were in the right places, their shapes were wrong. I saw them at the 'Grateful Dead' show at Memorial Stadium pretending to be Helicopters, but fortunately the usual clatter of the rotors was missing, so they didn't interrupt that particular moment of History there. They hung there in the air somehow while I believe the inhabitants of those craft documented this. Was I tripping? Yes -- It was a 'Grateful Dead' show, after all. But I believe that those vessels are either from a Alternate Time or a different place. Are they Gernsbachian Shadows projected into our airspace?

Now that I wrote that, maybe this Chapter's end will finally come to me. It is now officially the longest Chapter in either Book at 10 pages in length. I want to get to the battle, but I'm thinking that I should make a map of ElDorado and probably one for all the other battles too! Yikes, this suddenly got bigger!

November 11th, 2009

Monetary Magick

The other day, my till was running short of quarters during the friendly drunk's visit and 10 dollars worth of quarters magickly appeared in the appropriate place.  Last night, I was down to 1 dollar and 2 separate people lost $5 each.  I was able to do my laundry and get coffee.  Oh. the friendly drunk came in last night, but since he wasn't drunk, he stayed less than 1 minute.  Apparently he was making the rounds to find out where his wallet had gone off to - it wasn't here.  Ah well, back to my non-dating status.  

November 10th, 2009

Dreams of 11/10/09

After having many dreams that would evaporate before I could get here, I finally had three that I can remember.  The first two take place just outside of Scindizar and its environs.  In the first dream, there has been major flooding and due to the rerouting of the buses, I miss the next one back.  Instead I elect to fly, but it has been awhile since I have done this, so it is not the smoothest take-off.  However, I'm soon rising over the trees and the flooded areas.  The second dream takes place in  the same place, but instead of a flood, there are deeply icy roads. This time around, I have my transcycle which is able to navigate the click surfaces until I get behind a vehicle that had slewed across the road and then became stuck in the ice.  I got out of my vehicle and I was able to sink my hands into the ice and break it around the mired wheel, so that the driver was able to move her car.  These first two dreams, I wasn't able to enter because I couldn't make the connection to LJ this morning.   So I had my bath and went back to bed, when I had the third dream.  In this dream, our family (my Sisters, Dad and me) is exploring this grand old house.  I find a porcelain music box that has a delicately painted, but rather rude message about 'cocks' on it.  Then there is a trunk that gets opened and a host of animals rushes out.  I find myself on a cliff of rather crumbly rock that I gingerly climb down just as a herd of white horses swings by.  At the bottom, there's a heap of tools that me and a full scale lioness rest  besides.  Then a crudely fashioned animal comes up to me and says he needs a trim.  My Dad asks me what is it and I tell him that it's a camel, which as I study it becomes more refined so that I can see where he needs the trim.

Last night at work after two not so nice nights at work, I had a pleasant drunk rather than the usual unpleasant ones.  His name was 'Stormin' Norman' and he was so stricken with me that he hung around for two hours, being very loquacious with everybody that came into the store and their dogs.  He was a 50 year-old gay black man from Brooklyn and couldn't get over my style.  He was cute, so maybe after 9+ years I might reconsider my self-imposed no-dating policy.

November 4th, 2009

The Book had been stuck for awhile there, but the past two days have been rewarding in that I have been having a long involved conversation with Quetzalcoatl that has gotten a bit heavy, but afterwards is the beginning of a friendship between Que and Ash/Oros. I've realized that there is a definite gay subtext going on in this Book, which has some interesting Jungian and possibly Freudian things creeping in.  I've included an actual spell that i've used to turn slightly fermented orange juice to chocolate, at least ester-wise.i.e. taste.

I went to Bailey Coy because it is closing at the end of the month and got a book for Carolyn (Her Birthday's tomorrow) and another Lovecraftian Collection for me, just because.  It's fun, if not homework for me considering my book's subject matter.  But my reading of books has dropped to only a few a year since I have been working on my own books.  It's both good and bad, because I have a stack of books that I would like to be reading but 'The Gaudi Key' has not been engaging me the way I hoped it would.  I'm on page 304 out of 367 total pages. Nearly there, but the gruesomeness factor is a bit too high to merrily sail through this one.  

November 3rd, 2009

Dream of 11/03/09

I was working at this Victorian Bed and Breakfast that was in the mountains of Cascadia today.  I guess everybody's posts about the Post Office filtered into my subconsciousness because I had to mail off a package the size of a pencil case.  While I was getting it all taped-up, this elderly couple who had been staying here came in and went about the process of Tea preparation. 

I would rather have a job like this one, than the one I have, although it's been mostly all right.  Last night, I had to guard the fresh cement that was being used to finally fix the floor.  Nonetheless, I had three oblivious customers step in it.  These weren't the customers that reeked of Crack.

The Book is at a standstill, which after other's posts about Nanowrimo is unsatisfactory.  I want some of that energy for myself! 

October 31st, 2009

(no subject)

Well, I recently learned that one of my LJ friends has removed himself from here.  It makes me sad, as it was one way to keep in contact with him.  I fear that he may be going into a rather Hermetic existence or worse.  He was one of the reasons, I joined LJ.  Now, it's like he is withdrawing from this world all together.

I had a dream the other day, where either Tsathaggua or Shub-Niggurath left me a cocoon-like package which seems to contain eggs, Yikes!  Talk about Greeks bearing Gifts, I think when a Great Old One gives you something, it is much much worse!

I have been channeling Gandalf the White, so since I have to work the store tonight, I found some Nurse's white shoes, which will replace the white Go-Go Boots from Bosnia that killed my feet last night.  They are not designed to tramp through the Mines of Moria to get to the party I went to last night off in a Cul De Sac in Fremont.  Great Party, at one point everybody in the house was dancing, which is amazing considering Seattleites usual stand around with arms crossed attitude.  I got home at 2AM and took another hour to get the hair spray out and then apply shea cream to my face and feet after their abuse.  Here, I go again!

October 30th, 2009

(no subject)

Last night I went to 'The Madness Out of Time' the Open Circle Theater's latest annual Lovecraftian play.  It was based on the 'Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward'.  I read this a couple of years ago and it was completely different from the book, the only book that H.P.L. wrote, most of his output was in the form of short stories and thousands of letters.  It was loosely based on Poe's 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' (the only book that Poe wrote) which along with Melville's 'Moby Dick' were based on the journals of a Captain who traveled to Antarctica in the mid-1800s.  I would've liked to have seen what OTC could've done with that, instead they wrote an original play with that title which other than the name of Charles Dexter Ward bears no resemblance to that work.  I'm not complaining, it fit in with their previous adaptions of H.P.L.'s stories and considering the minimal set and only 3 actors was quite good.  Although it had some unintentionally funny moments with the Sorcerous duel between Charles and the Dr. and some of the transitions.  I'm sorry, but attempts at speaking 'Fhtaghn' almost always come off as sounding silly.  My main gripe with that Language is its lack of verbs, which I have attempted to fix in my Book, so that it is possible to actually say things in it, rather than have it be just a collection of exclamations and nouns.  Anyway, the play was well done and I recommend it.

The Book has become rather Epic in its scope, I'm beginning to realize.  The Battle for El Dorado is the first of the 5 major battles that take place in the Book.  I've decided that rather than have the Apocalypse take place in the Future, that instead it occurs at several places in the Past.  Right now, Ash is having Chocolatl with Quetzalcoatl before all hell breaks out.  I like combining things from Realtime into Dreamtime and vice versa as both worlds inform each other.

October 26th, 2009

Dream of 10/26/09 Part 2

I believe that this was in Scindizar.  I was in a park that had such thick grass that it was hard to get around.  I was basically leaping around carrying something as I tried to get to the top of this slope.  I fell down at one point and getting up I saw that a familiar/unfamiliar woman had noticed and gave me a wink.  Then my friend Pete knocked on my door, so that was it for that dream.

I'm waiting for Wednesday (one of my days off) to work on the Book again.  It's the calm before the storm, before El Dorado gets it.

Wow, the Ad for 'Orphan' is somewhat disturbing in the margins.  Glad it finally stopped going off.
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